Axiamo PADIS 2.0

Long Term Activity Monitoring For Soldiers

Long Term Activity Monitoring in Soldiers

Axiamo PADIS 2.0 is the new way of group activity monitoring

Modern and intuitive user interface

Easily control sensors and visualize large squad’s activity data

Ready to use

One Axiamo PADIS 2.0 suitcase contains all equipment for long-term activity measurement of 10 subjects

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Monitor large squads

The system is designed to monitor large squads of soldiers over a long term period of time. One Kit consists of two motion sensors (worn at hip and backpack) and a heart rate sensor


7 days run time

The system features activity monitoring over a period of 7 days without user intervention. After the measurement period, the Axiamo PADIS 2.0 sensors are connected to the sensor hub for automatic data extraction

Scientifically validated algorithms

Fully automatic data processing with scientifically validated algorithms calculate the information relevant to the operator

Integrated data visualization

Axiamo PADIS 2.0 integrates a modern visualization revealing the group‘s physical activity and energy expenditure in a convenient and comprehensive way

Designed for harsh environments

The Axiamo PADIS 2.0 sensors are worn in a splash – water proof silicone attachment. Distract-less and easy to mount

Photo: Ueli Känzig, SFISM

Axiamo PADIS 2.0 Operator's Manual

Get the Axiamo PADIS 2.0 Operator’s Manual for a detailed description on how to effectively use the system for large squad activity monitoring and analysis

Axiamo PADIS 2.0 Application

Modern and easy to use application to control the system

Easy Kit configuration

Intuitive measurement set up

Comprehensive visualization

Fully automatic activity classification

Detailed data analysis

Processed data as Steps and Counts

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Axiamo PADIS 2.0 is distributed exclusively by Axiamo GmbH.

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