Axiamo Motion Sensing

Axiamo PADIS 2.0

Axiamo PADIS 2.0 is a system designed to monitor large squads of soldiers over a long term period. It consists of motion and heart rate sensors to be worn by the subjects. Measurements up to 7 days continuous and distract-less sensor attachments are made possible with Axiamo PADIS 2.0, the completely revamped version of the scientifically validated activity monitoring system used by Swiss military since several years.

Axiamo PADIS 2.0 Features

  • Lightweight and solid sensor design
  • Silicone sensor attachment for hip belt and backpack
  • Polar heart rate belt for wireless HR recording
  • Low power consumption for measurements up to 7 days
  • Modern and intuitive application for controlling and visualization of the system

Axiamo xData

The Axiamo xData Sensor is perfectly fitted for applications where precise motion data has to be captured.

We provide an intuitive system which delivers acceleration, rotation and magnetometer values in 3D. Additionally, a high precision Barometer enables to get a altitude level curve which is very useful for outdoor measurements.

Axiamo xData Features

  • Lightweight and smallest size full motion sensor
  • 9 Axis of motion data plus air pressure / altitude
  • Raw and calibrated 3D quaternions (absolute sensor orientation)
  • Dynamically adjustable data tracks and sampling rates
  • Fully controllable through Desktop PC and Android mobile device
  • Advanced plotter functions integrated in Axiamo Motion Studio


Axiamo will attend ICSPP2017

Axiamo will attend the 4th International Congress on Soldiers’ Physical Performance as a gold sponsor and exhibitor. About ICSPP: The ICSPP is the most important international conference in applied military human performance research and...

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Axiamo xData

Axiamo xData is now out and ready to buy. Check out the new miniature size and light weight design of the Axiamote X1 sensor. It features Motion data in 9 dimensions Air pressure / altitude over sea level estimation Temperature USB and Bluetooth...

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Axiamo PADIS 2.0

Axiamo PADIS 2.0 is the next generation of long term soldier activity monitoring. The system features activity monitoring over a period of 7 days without user intervention. Fully automatic data processing and comprehensive visualization reveals the group‘s...

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Why to choose Axiamo


Powerful does not mean complicated. We provide a new user experience to cutting edge technology.

Do not waste your time learning how to get your data. Just start measuring using your computer or mobile device!

Open Interfaces

Our platform lets you measure all motion just by one fingertip. Connect the sensor using a standard micro USB cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth. We currently support Windows and Linux desktop computers and Android mobile platforms.

Multi Node

Advanced motion research requires simultaneous data from multiple positions.

We provide synchronized motion data from multiple nodes. Use as many sensors as your application requests and get your data in no time!

Who is using Axiamo


Your are an ambitious sportsman and want to train like a pro? We provide you with the technology that is used by elite athletes. Find and eliminate your weaknesses and get even better. Axiamo gives  you the objective feedback that you need to improve your training!

Measure your performance

Optimize your training

Monitor your performance over time

Team Coaches

Comparing individual performance just got easier with Axiamo. No matter whether you want to measure one athlete’s performance over time or compare the whole team, our sensor will provide you with exact and comprehensible data about the subjects dynamics.

Give objective feedback

Optimize individual training

Compare players performance

Learn about team dynamics

Sports Research Institutes

Detailed and precise motion capturing is the key requirement. Implement your own signal processing to extract the features relevant to you. We provide all information on how the data has been captured, enabling a transparent and scientifically valid motion capturing device.

Get accurate motion data

Be free to adapt system to your custom application

Develop real time motion data algorithms

Custom Development

Choose Axiamo for your custom application and you won’t need to develop any hardware before starting to code. Since we provide all relevant information about hardware and software, porting your application to the final hardware will be a piece of cake.

System is ready to use for custom applications

Save time and money

All required information available

The Axiamo Team

We are a dynamic young team of engineers with the vision to empower the people to easily measure the data they are interested in.

Damian Weber

MSc in Engineering

Firmware and front end design

Quality matters. Damian always finds something to improve. He likes intelligent low level programming and nice user interfaces.

Benjamin Habegger

MSc in Engineering

Software specialist

Having no time to write software many times, Ben is in love with cross platform software development. Enjoys embedded technology and sports.

Michael Gasser

MSc in Engineering

CEO and strategical master

Mike is a master at algorithms. Finds the motion patterns of every motion and knows how to teach the electronics.

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Accuracy of PARTwear inertial sensor and Optojump optical measurement system for measuring ground contact time during running
Lauf(a)symmetrie während einem 5000m Bahnrennen – Veränderungen im Rennverlauf
Running Asymmetries during a 5-Km Time Trial and their Changes over Time
Genauigkeit von Optojump in Bezug auf Bodenkontaktzeit beim Jogging und Sprint



Venture Kick

Axiamo won Stage I and received funding from the Swiss Confederation’s Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) Start-up foundation.

European Athletics

Michael Gasser won the Innovation award in Technology Category – “Motion Estimation Using Inertial Sensor Technology with Applications to Sporting Exercises”