Axiamo XDATA

The most advanced motion sensor suite

Axiamote X1

The motion sensor

Fully responsive

Axiamo Motion Studio

Axiamote X1 Sensor Features


Measure acceleration with various precisions and ranges at sampling frequencies up to 1000 samples per second


The integrated gyroscope measures rotation velocity up to 2000 degrees per second

Magnetic field

Using the magnetometer, the ambient magnetic field as well as the absolute orientation of the device is measured

Air pressure

We integrated a high precision barometer in the Axiamote X1 to measure ambient millibars and ASL (altitude over sea level estimation) with a precision of 20cm


The integrated thermometer is able to capture the ambient temperature with a 0.2°C precision

Axiamo signal processing

Numerous Axiamo Signal Processing algorithms allow feature extraction based of the raw data captured from our Axiamote X1 sensors.

Axiamote X1 Features

  • Motion data in 9 dimensions
  • Air pressure / altitude over sea level estimation
  • Temperature
  • USB and Bluetooth communication
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Miniature size and light weight design

Axiamo Motion Studio


We designed Axiamo Motion Studio with the main focus on usability. Intuitive sensor setup and comprehensive data visualization included

Advanced Data Visualization

Data analysis requires good visualization. The integrated plotter fulfils all needs for detailed analysis and feature recognition

Access Your Data

For further data analysis with third party tools, Axiamo Motion Studio allows exporting any recorded and processed data to standard CSV (comma separated values) files

Feature Packed

Axiamo Motion Studio features extensive visualizations as Line Series and 3D Plots. Fully zoomable and configurable

Sensor Configuration

Have all relevant sensor information and actions available in the device settings

Integrated Calibration

An integrated sensor calibration routine allows maximizing precision even further

Download Axiamo Motion Studio

Linux Installer


Windows Installer 64bit
Windows Installer 32bit

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