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Axiamo XRUN

Elite Running Analysis

Axiamo PADIS 2.0

Long term activity tracking for soldiers

Axiamo XDATA

Fully featured motion sensor for scientific applications


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Axiamo XDATA

Axiamo XDATA is now out and ready to buy. Check out the new miniature size and light weight design of the Axiamote X1 sensor. It features Motion data in 9 dimensions Air pressure / altitude over sea level estimation Temperature USB and Bluetooth...

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Axiamo PADIS 2.0

Axiamo PADIS 2.0 is the next generation of long term soldier activity monitoring. The system features activity monitoring over a period of 7 days without user intervention. Fully automatic data processing and comprehensive visualization reveals the group‘s...

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Who is using Axiamo


Your are an ambitious sportsman and want to train like a pro? We provide you with the technology that is used by elite athletes. Find and eliminate your weaknesses and get even better. Axiamo gives  you the objective feedback that you need to improve your training!

Measure your performance

Optimize your training

Monitor your performance over time

Team Coaches

Comparing individual performance just got easier with Axiamo. No matter whether you want to measure one athlete’s performance over time or compare the whole team, our sensor will provide you with exact and comprehensible data about the subjects dynamics.

Give objective feedback

Optimize individual training

Compare players performance

Learn about team dynamics

Sports Research Institutes

Detailed and precise motion capturing is the key requirement. Implement your own signal processing to extract the features relevant to you. We provide all information on how the data has been captured, enabling a transparent and scientifically valid motion capturing device.

Get accurate motion data

Be free to adapt system to your custom application

Develop real time motion data algorithms

Custom Development

Choose Axiamo for your custom application and you won’t need to develop any hardware before starting to code. Since we provide all relevant information about hardware and software, porting your application to the final hardware will be a piece of cake.

System is ready to use for custom applications

Save time and money

All required information available

The Axiamo Team

Our vision is to empower the people to easily measure the data they are interested in
Michael Gasser

Michael Gasser

Chief Executive Officer

Executive officer and business development

Benjamin Habegger

Benjamin Habegger

Chief Techology Officer

Systems and software architect

Damian Weber

Damian Weber

Chief Operating Officer

Hardware, firmware and front end design

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Venture Kick

Axiamo won Stage I and received funding from the Swiss Confederation’s Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) Start-up foundation.

European Athletics

Michael Gasser won the Innovation award in Technology Category – “Motion Estimation Using Inertial Sensor Technology with Applications to Sporting Exercises”