Frequently Asked Questions
Below we answered several questions that may come up if you are interested in the Axiamote Sensor.
If there are unanswered questions please feel free to contact us at info@axiamo.com.
  • Is the Axiamote Sensor shock resistant?
    Yes. We engineered the Axiamote to be very shock resistant. Since the sensor does not have any movable part except the push button, it can be used under very harsh conditions. Acceleration during a professional sprint easily exceeds 20g – no problem for the Axiamote.

  • How long lasts one battery charge?
    This is strongly dependant on the sampling speed and Bluetooth activity. In an average case, the Axiamote lasts over 2 hours of continuous high frequency sampling and storing on the flash memory.
    You can always check the current battery charge level by short pressing the press button. The Axiamote will indicate battery level with three short LED blinks in the corresponding colour (Green is full, Red is empty).

  • Is the Axiamote Sensor waterproof?
    No. The current casing of the Axiamote does not allow usage in wet environments. We do not advice the usage of the sensor in the rain.

  • What do the color LEDs indicate?
    The Axiamote Sensor is equipped with two ultra bright color LEDs to be able to clearly signal its current status. While Sampling and streaming over bluetooth, at the same time as storing into flash memory, the sensor will indicate this with three different color blinks.

    Green means senor is sampling

    Blue means streaming over bluetooth

    Red means storing into flash memory

  • How do I turn off the Axiamote Sensor?
    When not in use, we recommend to turn off the sensor. This will save battery and increases overall battery lifetime. To turn off the sensor, just long press the button until the red light goes off.

  • Where can I order the Axiamote Sensor?
    We are not yet shipping the sensor officially. However you can get a limited amount of Axiamotes at special conditions (lower price, limited support/guarantee)
    To order your Axiamote Sensors, please contact us at info@axiamo.com.

  • What is the price for the Axiamote?
    As mentioned above, we are now shipping limited amounts of the sensor. The current price is $300 per piece. The price will be higher at official product launch.

  • Can I pay with credit card?
    No. We currently only accept wire transfer. Please contact us for a personal quote.

  • What is the lead time when ordering?
    We can not guarantee an overall lead time at the moment. Please contact us for your personal quote.

  • What is the availability of the Axiamote?
    The Axiamote Sensor has limited availability at the moment. We will individually respond to your personal quote request.

  • My Axiamote is not recognized by my computer/tablet.
    Be sure to have the USB drivers correctly installed. If it still is not recognized, try power off the sensor and closing the Axiadesk software. Then power on the sensor and open Axiadesk again. If the problem persists, please contact us at info@axiamo.com

  • The Axiadesk software freezes.
    If the Axiadesk does not respond anymore, please close and reopen the application.

  • The sensor does not record any data.
    There is a rare known issue where the sensor does not record any new data. In this case, please open Axiadesk and delete all measurement data on the sensor. After that, the sensor should record new data again.